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How has NowClinic® online services made your life simpler – and helped you get the care when you need it? Tell us about your experience, and we might share it with others.


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mother, professional, student, and happy NowClinic user

There is no down time with NowClinic…

“I have a family of 6, 2 jobs and am a student so time is extremely valuable to me. At any given time anyone of us can get sick or, unfortunately, the whole house gets sick and that leaves me with one more task to juggle. With NowClinic, if someone wakes up with the sniffles I sign in, wait no more than 15 minutes, the doctor examines them in about 10 minutes, prescriptions are called in (if necessary) and I am done. I have also used it while at work, and had the doctor call the prescription in to the nearest pharmacy by my job. There is no down time with NowClinic.”


father, full-time professional, and now a happy NowClinic user

I can’t say enough great things about NowClinic…

“I had been suffering from a sinus infection for weeks, hoping it would go away on its own. I knew I needed to see a doctor, but it was 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday and I had my 1½-year-old son with me. I didn’t want to wait at an urgent care center or go to an ER where I’d get charged a lot of money for what seemed like a simple issue.

That’s when I remembered NowClinic. Using my smartphone, I sat in the comfort of my own living room and talked with a real doctor who diagnosed me and prescribed an antibiotic — all within 10 minutes. No exaggeration! The 24/7/365 convenience with NowClinic can’t be beat, and I was well aware of the cost before my visit, which was fantastic. I can’t say enough great things about NowClinic … it was amazing!”