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How to Connect

To use NowClinic® online services, the following are required:

Using NowClinic is simple and requires just a brief registration before your first visit. You can access NowClinic via computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct browser, software, and internet access, as detailed below. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Internet access

Broadband Recommendations

  • For the best experience, high-speed broadband Internet access (e.g., DSL, cable) is recommended.
  • A minimum bandwidth of 384 kbps (H.263), 256 kbps (H.264), or technical equivalent, is required.
  • For the best video quality, connect via a “wired” Internet connection. If using a wireless Internet connection through a router, ensure you have your WEP (password key) to gain access to your wireless connection from the computer that will be used to conduct the sessions.

Supported Web Browsers

Providers can access NowClinic using any of the following web browsers. To ensure that the system works properly, you may need to install or upgrade to one of these versions. You will also need to ensure that both Javascript and Cookies are enabled in your browser settings.

internet explorer logo

Version 9.0 or later

firefox logo

Version 2.0 or later

safari logo

Version 4.0 or later

google chrome logo

Version 4.0 or later

Before installing or upgrading to any of these supported web browsers, please verify your computer meets system requirements: Make sure the software installed on your computer is compatible with the chosen browser. Software applications that you use or web sites that you access may not work correctly with the browser. If you are not sure whether your software is compatible with a specific browser version, please contact the vendor responsible for your software to ensure that problems do not occur after you install the browser.

If you are using a firewall, please verify that your firewall is configured to allow the browser to connect to the Internet.


  • Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10
  • Adobe Reader 7+

Hardware (Recommended for Web Visits, but not required)

  • USB or built-in webcam (to enable two-way video during web visits)
  • Audio – to minimize feedback use a headset with built-in microphone or headphones